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I regret my failed relationship — Actress

If I’m asked to grade in Nollywood how roles are given, I would say 60% is by merit, 10% is by I.M ( I.M is giving a role to some one that is your friend, not because you are sleeping with the person, but you have a cordial relationship with the person) IM happens every where, even in the banking industry, in the media and any other organization.

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Asiegbu operated in vacuum—Ifeanyi Dike

In fact they’d beg you for N30,000. Can you believe that? The reason they are still glamorous is because they’ve diversified into a lot of other things. For instance, Emeka Ike has a school. Someone else has a fashion house and so on. The actors themselves are trying. But for goodness sake, a lot of young people, they collect their money and leave them hanging.

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Glamour girls of Yoruba films

They are beautiful, vivacious, multi-talented and are on top of their trades. They are the new breed of Yoruba actresses who have changed the looks of Yoruba films with their ultra-cosmopolitan style both in packaging and delivery. Most of them shot into limelight barely two years ago while others got into reckoning as far back as five years ago.

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M.I drops Safe video

With fresh style, tight vibes and swagger that’s got all of us eating from his palm, this humble dude who has opposed every attempt made in words or action that suggests him as a better rapper than the famed lyricist, Mode 9, has definitely not disappointed his fans who have waited earnestly for this video.

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Etcetera celebrates with class

Pascal Ejikeme, popularly known as Etcetera, is a singer-song writer signed on X3M Music, a record label founded by Steve Babaeko. His self titled album ‘Etcetera’ was released in May, 2008 from which further singles like ‘This is not a song’, ‘Michelle’ and ‘ Biafra ’ were released.

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Kennis rocks Nigeria with biggest reality show

“What can we say? Our interest is making the Nigerian music industry boom. So when the responsibility is vested in us to see to it that we groom and nurture new acts, it actually means that we are recognised in and outside the industry as one of a pathfinder and credible actor in the Nigerian music scene,” Kenny Ogungbe said.

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