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Halliburton Dead?

ANYONE who followed the dithering of the Federal Government over the Halliburton scandal would not be surprised about the silence after government said it instituted a high-level investigation that included all arms of the security agencies.

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One Tenure Option

IN the midst of the determined confusions the Nigerian system serially throws up, it is easy to forget that the political reforms most people believe are inevitable if the country is to make progress, have been ignored.

Age of scandals

SCANDAL is brewing over the ages of our players, who  have been camped for two years in preparation for the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup, which Nigeria hosts in October. From the competition’s title, a player should not be up to 17 years old. Nigerian authorities pretended they were acting in line with this provision
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Minister’s Missed Mission

THINGS that get our Ministers angry are the very things that benefit Nigerians. Our country appears marked out for Ministers who have missed their mission. The sight of Nigerians accessing any comfort disconcerts them. Minister of Aviation Mr. Babatunde Omotoba is against promotional fares. He has ruled that low airfares undermine safety. Government, he said,
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2011 Like 2007

NIGERIA is replete with experts in post mortem. We operate mostly with hindsight. There are no lessons to be learnt, there are no changes to be made. The 2011 elections could finally confirm the country’s inability to change – the elections are only 20 months away, though we carry on as if those 20 months
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Challenges For Onovo

FOR the first time in a long while, the appointment of the new Inspector General of Police not only followed due process but also resulted in the selection of the most qualified, competent and one of the most respected in the top echelon of the Nigeria Police – Mr. Ogbonnaya Onovo.

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Sanusi’s Bank Quake

CENTRAL Bank of Nigeria Governor Lamido Sanusi would not have been under any illusions that his decision to sack managing directors of five banks, with their executive directors, would result in a tremor in the banking industry, even if the decision was meant to halt an accumulating quake. Friday’s sack of managing directors  and  executive
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Angry? Then act

REACTIONS to the visit of Mrs. Hillary  Clinton, the  American Secretary of State, will continue with the same vacuity the visit re-emphasised guaranteed to continue. The anger that is running through the land after the visit  has reached new level in official matters. Senate President, David Mark , is among those who are angry over
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If ASUU Were Militants

ONE of the few good things about our governments is that they do not leave us guessing about their real agenda for too long. Nobody can fail to praise the present administration for its relentless push for peace in the Niger Delta. It is becoming clearer that nothing is more important to President Umaru Musa
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