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Children’s Day 2010: what now?

Since the world’s tiniest country – The Vatican – pioneered the celebration of Children’s Day, it soon assumed a worldwide dimension when the first International Children’s Day was held in Turkey on April 23rd 1920 in Turkey . The first Children’s Day organised by the International Union for Child Welfare was held in Geneva in 1955. From the 1970’s, it was adopted as an annual ritual in Nigeria .

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World Hepatitis Day 2010

THE United Nations Organisation (UN) has a policy of setting aside special days to raise awareness on issues that threaten the wellbeing of people around the world with a view to urging action on prevention and amelioration. One of these issues is the World Hepatitis Day, which falls due every May 19th.

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Ghana’s hostility to Nigerian business

Nigeria is still a country where foreigners, such as Chinese, Indians, Lebanese, people of the Sahara and Sahelian region and even Ghanaians freely come and settle and carry on their economic activities without much regulation. In fact, in some parts of the country, Lebanese and other Arabs are far more welcome and are more at home than Nigerians from other parts of Nigeria.

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Why PDP must reform

Failing to get the Party’s ticket for the February governorship polls, Hon Ekwunife went to the Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA), secured its ticket to run against the PDP and other parties, and when she failed to get elected, she returned to her seat in the House of Reps as a PDP elected member. She never resigned to contest on PPA platform, and she never re-registered in the PDP when she returned. The same thing is true of Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

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