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Season For A Reason

NO day is as special as Christmas even for non-Christians. It is a time the world seems to come to a stop to acknowledge the birth of Christ Jesus who finally died to redeem the world and reconcile people to God, so long as they are willing to accept the lordship of Jesus.

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More gas on flaring

Gas flaring was to end on December 2008, one of numerous proposed dates that were never implemented.
“I think the government has never been able to develop a strong will to ensure the implementation of these basic policies and the result, of course, is like any other law, the operators take the easiest line of resistance, which is to maybe pay N2, or 1 Kobo or whatever and flaring many cubic feet of gas … Whatever it is, it is cheaper for the companies or the operators to flare gas and pay the penalty than to stop,” he said last year.

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Judgement day here

NIGERIAN politicians are a strange breed. They believe  they are the smartest beings in existence which could explain their conduct. In 10 years of managing Nigeria’s vast resources, they have insisted on befuddling the issues. Politics have become all about power for individual interests that usually run against the common good. Nothing is more important
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