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The NNPC Insurance question

The question of the insurance of NNPC assets is a recurring problem. It will have to be tackled once and for all.
Of course, the President of the Republic, Goodluck Jonathan, has given directive for the probing of the operations of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

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Oil exploration – to what purpose?

We are outrightly stealing our assets and we are very brazen about it. (See companion article).
Oil has made us lazy and we can do anything for oil money. No-one is paying attention to agriculture and we are suffering for its neglect. We must pay attention to it, most particularly those in Western Nigeria. We had a mini-war pepper recently but it would be a big one next time around.

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The reason for do-or-die

Our own Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has a different kind of fight. He did many revolutionary things. He did some unheard of things in the reformation of Lagos State. Name it: he has done it – environmental, roads, schools, taxes, etc. and all of them in 36 months. And he has 12 months to go.

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Politicians are now out and about

Many of them have no principles. They are what, in Ibadan, the people call Amala and Gbegiri politicians. Anything goes for them – as long as they win. Unfortunately many of them are winning. They use any combination and manner of methods. They rig, they bribe, they maim and kill. They say the end justifies the means.

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A knowledgeable friend himself, a former director of the First Bank, told me there are many ways you could do the chicken. You could call the shareholders to increase their participation even with deadlines. And you could ask bankers to court if you suspect they fiddle the till. Nowhere in a civilized world you parade bankers in the full-view of the like of EFCC. Where else in the world would you expose the indebtedness of customer?

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Fare thee well, Rimi

Abubakar Rimi, former Governor of Kano State and a minister of the Nigerian realm, died recently and has been buried in Kano. There was “commosion” in the country concerning the death. It is said he died of fright occasioned by shock from robbers. It is easy to accept that, but in the circumstance of Rimi, I feel hard to believe. Rimi looked like forged steel.

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