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Political appointments and the good of the state

The hustle for position and appointments is a defining factor of Nigerian life. The joke now, in most parts, is to ask friends if they are moving to Abuja which goes to show that although a majority of Nigerians voted for “change” in principle, few truly understand what it entails. Unlike more developed countries where those called to serve often have solid educational backgrounds in policy making, those attempting in Nigeria to gain appointments often have no real understanding of governance and policy. Instead, what is touted as “experience” is simply experience in deal making and speaking the language Nigerian politicians understand: money.

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Nation building and popular culture: Economic incentives to create the new Nigeria

DURING French philosopher and writer, Ernest Renan’s famous 1887 lecture at the Sorbonne, my Alma matter, he asked the question “what is a nation”? He answered, “a soul”, a “spiritual principle”. What is the “essence” of Nigeria? What are our common beliefs, principles? Unfortunately, the answer to that veers towards the negative.

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Sai Nigeria: here come the dreamers

By TABIA PRINCEWILL WHAT an incredible time to be a Nigerian! All my life, I have been waiting for this election. I have been waiting for confirmation of my belief in the possibility of honesty, decency, integrity and steadfastness being rewarded in Nigeria. This is just how I felt the morning after Barack Obama’s win.
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Ethnicity, Nigeria’s drug addiction

SOCIAL scientists determine ethnicity to be an artificial construct based on shared beliefs of identity created over time. Groups (and their leaders) create certain beliefs in order to implement political strategies and control their followers. Ethnicity is thus a construct based more on power and status than on any real, intrinsic feeling.

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Nigeria, a tale of two cities

By TABIA PRINCEWILL THE tide is beginning toturn: the whole world could not be going one way while Nigeria persists in going the other. Corruption has become the byword for this election as Nigerians begin to realise its very real cost and implication on their everyday lives. Indeed, Nigerians cannot continue to accept a system
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