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Change and theories of development

Out with the old, in with the new. If only it were that simple. In the field of political science, various theories and methodologies exist to advise government, thought leaders and the private sector on strategic planning; that is, how to bring about change or modernisation in any organisation. The theory of change, in particular, promotes social change by defining long term goals mapped backwards in order to identify the pre-existing conditions which enable the said change.

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Remaining awake through a great revolution

I often feel as if we, in Nigeria, are stuck in a debtor’s prison. Before many of us are even born, to a certain extent, we owe debts which we must repay. Our very lives and livelihoods we often owe to other people who have the unequivocal power to decide, much like gods, who will be allowed to go further, who will prosper and who won’t based on arbitrary rules. This all begins because individualism is not acceptable in the Nigerian society.

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Nigeria: Blackmailers beware or beware of blackmailers?

HOW did we get here? How is it that a country like Nigeria borrows not to fund infrastructure and lift its people out of extreme poverty but to pay salaries and fund its recurrent expenditure? Quite honestly, I am not surprised that national debt now stands at 63 billion dollars. We are a country of showmen who would rather spend on frivolities than on anything of substance with long lasting effects on our lives.

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The Progressive agenda: Citizenship and combatting inequality

THE Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, recently unveiled a policy document: “the progressive agenda to combat income inequality”, a sort of road map to “make sure the voice of every American is heard­­—not just those at the very top” and to “uplift working people and help working parents, and champion a tax system that rewards work instead of just wealth”.

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UK general election: Regional and popular interests in Nigerian and UK politics

By Tabia Princwill EVERY time Nigeria’s size or ethno-religious diversity are used as excuses to explain our country’s lack of development, I am forced to argue that many other countries across the globe have experienced these same challenge laced opportunities and yet, have not continuously sacrificed the common good on the altar of political greed.
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