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Nigeria, a tale of two cities

By TABIA PRINCEWILL THE tide is beginning toturn: the whole world could not be going one way while Nigeria persists in going the other. Corruption has become the byword for this election as Nigerians begin to realise its very real cost and implication on their everyday lives. Indeed, Nigerians cannot continue to accept a system
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The pursuit of happiness

We need to talk about the Nigerian society: Let’s focus on bettering the pool from which our politicians and leaders are born. The study of politics (including, of course, public policy) and social commentary are tied to understanding human beings; that is, to analysing why we act the way we do, to discern how societal shifts and transformations occur, and most of all, we must understand the forces that impede said alterations. I came to the conclusion, long ago, that Nigeria is a series of constant humiliations for those who are bold, brave, honest and hard working.

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For the love of Nigeria

ON Valentine’s day—the ultimate celebration of love—couples profess love for each other. This time and as it should be, our love will go beyond individual considerations and relationships, to spur thoughts of the greatest love of all, love of country. I dream of Nigerians waving our flag like Americans wave theirs at the drop of a hat. Outside most American homes one is sure to see the national flag and reference to the state’s official seal.

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