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The pain of labour

From the start, I was appre hensive about the outcome of the general strike. I’m not sure what I was expecting but there was a certain weariness of having been there, done that with nothing to show but the proverbial tattered t-shirt.

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Happy(?) New Year

Err… happy (?) New Year? I’m not trying to be tongue in cheek but how do you say those words with good cheer given the recent backdrop of events. I’ve said it before… sometimes writing this column is a burden. I often tell my kids that it’s okay to be quiet if you don’t have something nice to say…

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Where you least expect it

I always knew that I was set for international acclaim; I just always assumed that it would come via my prowess as an actor. That’s not far from the truth today; I just didn’t realise that it would take this long and that so many other things would happen along the way.

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Some people are like they’re going to live forever; they are just —for lack of better words to describe it— larger than life…. So it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, when you hear Ojukwu is dead; you pause and taken a moment.

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Dream Breakers

Sometimes, its tedious writing this column because it almost seems like all one does is gripe. And it’s not that I’m bitter… I’m living my dream. And as far as Nigerian living standards go, I and mine are relatively comfortable. But what does that amount to really; that a tiny percentage are ‘relatively comfortable’ in the face of this all-pervasive poverty?

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I think it was about a year ago that I did a piece advocating the necessity for the powers that be to incorporate and make it mandatory for everyone wishing to join any political party to undergo mental and psychological evaluation.

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Matters Arising

We are truly a great nation. And I believe what the polls say – we’ve got to be the happiest people on the face of the earth in spite of everything we’ve been through. What else can account for our disposition? It doesn’t matter how painful or senseless or stupid or unfair it is (whatever ‘it’ is at the time’ as a nation we just keep sucking it up.

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