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It used to be that at a pre-election period – that is, at a time like this – the atmosphere would be thick with manifestos proclaiming the virtues of various political parties through the advertisement of their individual policies on the issues of the day.

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*promises, promises

They then spitted out their disgust at what everybody did, a disgust that they manfully kept on the boil but under wraps, for twelve days. If they had not been so concerned, or considered that the issue called for an urgent address, they might have waited even for a month. Of course, they devised no significant response other than to order an “enquiry”.

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anniversary blues

What is there to fill the hearts of Easterners with joy,after the fratricidal episode that only showed how hardy a people they are, after frittering away a lot of that hardiness just to survive? That only reflects a part of the glorious past that was unable to address the present.

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