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The return of the manifesto

You would of course have recognized that as a loose paraphrase of the opening sentence of “The Communist Manifesto”, the classic declaration of the aims and objectives of a political movement which has become a model and a source of inspiration for all socialist efforts down the years. As you also probably know, it was published by Karl Marx, with the collaboration of Fredrick Engels in 1848 on behalf of the Communist League which was then a secret organization of Russian emigres in Europe.

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In today, out tomorrow

Indeed, “these are times that try men’s souls”. Perhaps we can relax a bit, now that we are assured that the political parties have “declared their intention” to nominate some specific representatives, or “flag-bearers”, for the forthcoming elections. The nominees continued to be shuffled like a pack of cards in the hands of a master gambler. And that seems to be precisely what those who are in the position to call the shots have been … gamblers with human lives.

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Is anyone looking at the future, is anyone considering the past?

The big story of the week, so far, is the release of the lists for the candidates that emerged from the primary elections for all the political parties which are recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. There were allegations, or suggestions, that elections as laid down by democratic processes did not really take place in several constituencies. There is a mix-up of disparate perceptions here.

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Another ashiwaju yet

At the demise of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Yoruba people were not entirely without a leader capable of stepping into his shoes. As a matter of fact, there seemed to be a surfeit of capable leadership claims. Awoists of various hues and colours were already poised to pick up the august mantle, but they lacked the will necessary to drape it over their shoulders.

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Internal democracy, independent candidacy

A phrase that has been swept in by the current developments in our political life is “internal democracy”. No pause was needed to decipher its meaning. It was so explanatory. It blew to shreds the assumption that accepted democratic practice, which normally includes the decisions of any group as a function of the will of the majority, was mandatory in all circumstances. It may be so made to appear outside a political party, especially when several parties are in contention, but it does not have to hold when decisions were made within each party.

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An incredible election?

I must be honest with you. I really do not know what a Direct Data Capture – DDC – machine looks like. But I guess it must be much larger than an average “pc” personal computer, that is. I know that it is used for the smooth and rapid registration of voters, a facility that is most urgently needed by our nation at this time.

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The national assembly summons, the $50,000 guffaw and the sweetest victory

There has been a disputation between the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Sanusi Lamido and the Minister of Finance, Mr.Olusegun Aganga on the one hand, and the members of the National Assembly on the other, about the allegation that legislators scoop about twenty-five percent of the annual budget of the nation, as their remuneration. The legislators deny this.

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*deepening democracy?

The acceptance of the PDP’s de cision to field Atiku Abubakar by his rivals is a model of democratic practice at the highest level. Pardon me if, even as a Nigerian, I affirm that it is “unNigerian”. Perhaps it presages a brighter future for our national politics

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Sacrifice Naija

This is another season of joyful greetings. It’s festival time. It is an occasion of celebration for Muslims, though everyone joins in – Christians of all suasions, pagans of all denominations, atheists of every distinction, all identify in one way or the other with the festivities, at least, if not with the attendant observance which has several aspects; there are the purely religious which pleasantly flow into the social.

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