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That they may not have died in vain

Not a solitary roll of drum or one sound of the bugle was heard; no thud of marching feet; no flags at half-mast was flown, or the draping of a casket with the national colours observed; no laying of wreaths, only the shedding of tears from close family and friends … . And yet, the country was supposed to be in mourning. Or were we?

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the first church

Echoes: I will appreciate it if you can highlight the roles of these men in the founding of UNA – J.W. Martins and Dada Adeshigbin of the Singer fame; besides, the Taiwo Olowo monument was never on Martins Street, but in his own compound (Court) on Taiwo Street; it was however relocated to Garba Square. Lagos had only three of such monuments – Martins, Taiwo and Oshodi.

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By the Lagoon

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos. lies to the West of the island on the waterfront. The church magazine is thus appropriately named, By the Lagoon, for that is precisely where it is at the corner piece of Odunlami Street and “Ehin Igbeti,” to give the Marina its native name.

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the cms enclave on broad street

This page took a new form away from “hard-core” social commentaries on a whim. The space for review of, and reactions to, current events became glutted with a variety of opinions about politics, politics, and politics – enough to make one’s head spin. However, it was fairly clear that it must be what the readers want, else there would not have been so much enthusiasm for its projection into every subject” even dating.

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