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*my fear

Me, I am frightened. It was reported, at first, that the vehicle which carried a live bomb into the National Headquarters of the Nigeria Police, was driven by a man who was programmed, and content, to die in the explosion. Then the statement was retracted.

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It is an old English adage that everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything bout it. That is not true. Since the Wright brothers pointed the way to the stars, around the beginning of the second decade in the last century, air travel, at least, has made the weather a compulsory topic in many ways.

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time for action

There are those who might feel, perhaps to a justifiable extent, that the stance of President Goodluck Jonathan to state affairs does not appear manly enough. They feel that he seems to be rather laid-back and somewhat subdued on some of the occasions that he might have appeared more vibrant and assertive. They wonder why he gives the impression of what Americans would casually characterize as a “wimp”.

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welcome, foi

Communication is the most distinctive difference between the nature of man and that of animals. It truly separates human beings from other creatures. It is ideally based on a two-way system in which more than one party express their opinion or authority.

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Enter the transformer

On the morning of Inauguration Day, May 29, I was by my television set no less than one hour before the ceremonies were to begin. A generator powered the TV set, as usual, – only it was rented this time, as my oId “noise-maker” had decided that the perfect time to check out on me was the previous night. But after almost five years of daily service, I thought it too might take a holiday like the rest of us.

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the next cabinet

This is a time of fear and anxiety, of hope and expectations, and of plots and counter plots among those who are desirous of being considered for appointment to the new cabinet at the federal level, as well as in the State governments.

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