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Of Harvard and upstart governors

LET us be quite upfront with truth: Some of the individuals who are the governors of Nigerian states today could not pass their basic West African Schools Certificate examinations even in more than one sitting; some could not pass the Joint Matriculation Exam when it was the gold standard for academic performance in Nigeria; as a result they did not have the kind of standard university education available to the more talented of their peers in Nigeria, many of who probably ended up in academia, the first call in those now seemingly halcyon years, for the best products of the then highly competitive Nigerian university system. Yes, indeed, the very best were immediately recruited and retained to teach in the Universities.

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Robes of the militant

Though those there took the decisions they wanted to take in respect of resource control in the name of a democracy mantra that though the minority may well have their say, the majority would have their way, the people of the South-South have by and large fought for that measure of control that they believed would make for peace in the area and the country.

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The lost years

That we have postponed this question to this moment is a futile delay tactic, but it also signals the loss of these past ten years because it is a question that must be asked before we begin to practice democracy. And that question? What is Nigeria to me?

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