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The politricks of gay marriage

WHETHER by accident or design, just about when Monsieur Vincent Autin, 40, and Monsieur Bruno Boileau, 30, (Mr. & Mr.?) were being wedded as husband and wife in far away France, in what has become the country’s first gay marriage, the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was also applying the last six-inch ban nail on the coffin of gay marriages in Nigeria.

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Miracles, baby factories and all that

WE SHALL rely on Webster’s’ Third New International Dictionary definition of a miracle as “an extraordinary event taken to manifest the supernatural powers of God fulfilling his purpose; and an accomplishment or occurrence so outstanding as to seem beyond human capability or endeavour”.

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HRH Prince Enwaensefe Iyiewuaefo-Eweka

THE people of Oghada Community in Isi Clan, Uhunmwode Local Governent Area of Edo State have every reason to count themselves blessed. While other people may yet be looking for an example of a perfect blend of royalty and excellence, the perfect example is located at the very heart of Oghada Community.

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After the Edo LG election (1)

THERE is an innovation to electioneering campaigns in Edo State. Apparently, at the approach of every election, the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, puts a basket in the hands of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to go to the river and fetch water, with instruction not to return until the basket is full.

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