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When a teacher cannot read

EVIDENTLY, we are not listening enough to Albert Einstein (1879-1955): “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. We keep increasing the level of rationalisation in our society, in the process of which we get fixated at offering excuses for our failure.

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Sheltering African First Ladies

THIS writer has been caught severally on the soft side of providing the good life for past leaders. During the debate at the Constituent Assembly on the pension scheme for past Presidents and Governors, I made this demand: “Hands up, all those who will be happy to see their former President driving a taxi or moonlighting as a charge-hand in a factory, trying to make ends meet”.

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What manner of marking scheme?

NIGERIA today is fast drifting toward Plato’s definition of a degenerating society; a society that permits the voice of the mob to determine the affairs of government. By accepting unbridled protests as a way of life, we have tacitly suggested that the great issues of our time are best decided by posturing and shouting matches on the streets.

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