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Governor’s wife in Government House

Ordinarily, it might be unethical, or at least seemingly immoral, to be prying into a man’s life; except that the moment a man accepts public office, he also accepts to subject his total being to public scrutiny in which case, his life becomes an open book or a farm that cannot be hidden.

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A nation in search of itself

Ordinarily, you do not share, with your teeth, the meat you forbid. Our faith in the proposed National Conference is less than a mustard seed. We see it as another diversionary ploy intended to remove the attention of people from the failings of government and the 2015 project.

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Local govts beyond oil

OIL has since become the mainstay of our economy. But oil is a depleting asset, which means that someday oil wells will dry up. Besides, the entire world is busy seeking alternatives to oil. Essentially, oil will not remain on the king’s throne much longer. Our desire is that oil boom should not degenerateto oil doom.

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Still on the shame of our pensions

IT is barely two months now since we wrote the article, “Pension: Waiting for the Dead man’s Shoes”. The reaction to that work has been absolutely overwhelming; hence we are impelled to return so soon to the issue, as an up-date to our readers. In our type of situation, salient points cannot escape being repeated.

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Charity does not begin in Russia

Even before the Nigerian civil war, my father had always advised that if anyone offended us, we should resist the temptation to invite a soldier to fight for us, maintaining that if we invited a soldier to fight for us, he would beat up all those we wanted beaten up but when there were no more people to beat, he would pounce on us.

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Who is now the President?

Last month, this column dealt exhaustively on the case of the screening of primary school teachers in Edo State. At the peak of an encounter between one of the teachers and the State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the latter asked: “Who is now the teacher?” The former responded: “You are the one, sir”.

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Stop the blames game

THIS column today is dedicated to two Nigerians – Master Daniel Ohikhena, that wizkid who flew from Benin City to Lagos without paying a kobo; and Alhaji Danbaba Suntai, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, who travelled to hell and back.

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