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Homosexuality: This new Western religion

ADMITTEDLY, our relationship with the West has been defined by undue duplicity. Close to 54 years of our so-called independence, we are still largely in chains. Nigeria’s annual Balance Sheet is perhaps still prepared in Washington, DC. Even in the area of our much touted oil wealth, when the multi-nationals sneeze, Nigeria catches cold because they hold the key to the industry.

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Fish Import: Fishing in troubled waters

NIGERIA, like any other country, needs genuine foreign investors. These investors must be kept under close watch. Otherwise, they could end up doing more harm than good. Occasionally, we must critically re-examine the role of some of the adventurers who come into the country under the guise of investment but with the sole aim of devastating our economy. Their modus operandi is to move in with big capital, plunder the country and leave it in ruins. Meanwhile, they have repatriated, a hundred-fold, the dubious capital they brought in.

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Policy somersault, inconsistencies

WHAT is happening? At the end of last year, President Goodluck Jonathan finally robbed himself of the immense benefits of appearing before the National Assembly to present his Appropriation Bill, thus further whittling down the glamour of his exalted office. This is quite a negative development.

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Too corrupt to fight corruption

WE wonder for how long our governance will be left at the level of comic relief. In most of the plays of Shakespeare, there are serious acts and scenes. In-between, there are breaks during which jesters are brought on stage to make people laugh and to lighten eyes that are already heavy.

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Who wants to defend Kidnappers?

THIS is a spill-over from last week. It is becoming clearer what people mean when they talk of running from pillar to post. In 2011, the ink on President Goodluck Jonathan’s inaugural papers had hardly dried when he started toying with the idea of a single tenure – first, of eight years; then seven years; and finally, six years.

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Budget scare and NASS phobia

Who is afraid of the National Assembly? We have no reason to think that our Presidents are not. During the administration of the late President Musa Yar’ Adua, the man developed cold feet whenever it was time to appear before the National Assembly to present his budget proposals.

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