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A farewell to arms?

Not many Nigerians would disagree with Dokubo’s claim, knowing Obasanjo for the kind of wily fox he was. Dokubo has been, more or less, tamed so that the recent spat between him and the intelligence department during which he was detained (?) might be a baiting trick to see if there is any fire left in him.

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Mimiko’s burden

He came into office with a lot of goodwill, a goodwill which extended beyond Ondo State as was evident when he made a late appearance, days after being sworn-in, at the Obafemi Awolowo Centenary Lecture that was delivered by Professor Wole Soyinka at the NIIA in March.

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Finally, justice from America

Perhaps it is even time to question the euphoria that has followed what may seem like the exaggerated importance of the mere rap on the offending wrist of oil multinational, Shell, by the American court that heard the suit brought by the families of the slain Ogoni activists.

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Different strokes

The world has, in the last many months, worried about the effect of the “global financial meltdown”, but what has been happening to Gordon’s cabinet since the expenses scandals broke and only days to local and European elections is a clear case of “executive meltdown”, the cabinet is the equivalent of a sinking ship and everyone is in a hurry to bail out.

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