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Watch it, Sanusi!

DURING the live screening of Lamido Sanusi’s confirmatory appearance before the Senate, last June, I was in a friend’s office. My friend had a visitor, an ex-banker now PR practitioner, who had professional knowledge of the Central Bank Governor. They had worked together at the United Bank for Africa. She had very good things to say about his competence as a banker and knowledge of the banking sector.

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As Gani dances home today

AFTER nearly two years of waiting, two nail-biting years during which one dreaded when the news would finally come following the initial announcement of his body’s succumbing to the onslaught of an unusual lung cancer for a non-smoker- after this long wait, the news came at last on Saturday, September 5, that the cock had finally crowed for Gani Fawehinmi.

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The CBN’s list of infamy

YOU’VE no doubt seen it by now. Perhaps you’ve turned the names over and over again in your mind and have finally committed them to memory. And you sure should, and even consider yourself privileged to have seen this day in which you were given a sneak preview, just a peep really, at the faces of Nigeria’s problem children.

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The Ribadu in Lamido Sanusi

THERE is something about the new Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi, that reminds me of the former Chairman of the EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu. First there is that physical resemblance, a lanky, almost austere frame. They both look fragile and do not cut the burly picture of your typical Nigerian executive.

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Re-negotiating violence

By this I mean Nigerians from the North-West and North-East of this country. What I must now call a lazy way of explaining this apparently well-organised and outer-directed violence, is to attribute it to joblessness, poverty or any of those social vices and disjunctions we are too quick to identify as being at the root of the violence. Poverty or joblessness is not peculiar to the North.

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Who funds Nigerian elections?

The number of political murders has reduced, and the culture of following due process in the resolution of political and other conflicts is being nurtured. Still, it is doubtful if all the election petitions in the world, assuming they are credibly conducted, can shovel up all the mess dumped on us in 2007.

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