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Somehow, we get by

THAT’S the truth of our present condition- we get by. Somehow: In the apparent stagnancy of our existence as a country, a people, we manage to move on- somehow. We are now in December, the last month of the year which several months ago we were promised would put an end to our life in the dark.

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An amnesty dead on arrival

It was always going to be problematic. That much was certain- from the moment the Federal Government made its offer of ‘amnesty’ to those we’re now obliged to call former militants of the Niger Delta. How, some had asked, do you give amnesty to an individual never found guilty of a crime?

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The risk we take

THERE is something definitely rotten about Nigeria which comes from the very top of governance. Considering the high concentration of power at the centre, such rot is bound to and does have spiralling effects on other members of society well beyond its point of origin.

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Watch it, Sanusi!

DURING the live screening of Lamido Sanusi’s confirmatory appearance before the Senate, last June, I was in a friend’s office. My friend had a visitor, an ex-banker now PR practitioner, who had professional knowledge of the Central Bank Governor. They had worked together at the United Bank for Africa. She had very good things to say about his competence as a banker and knowledge of the banking sector.

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