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The uselessness of Christmas (3)

AFTER all, a day, including each of the “three special days,” is 24 hours, made up of morning, afternoon and night. As the ancient Greek philosopher, Protagoras of Abdera, aptly remarked, “man is the measure of all things, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not.”

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The uselessness of Christmas (2)

A LARGE percentage of the new churches are disguised business ventures. But because of material poverty, intellectual cowardice and inability to genuinely appreciate the existential implications of the cosmic insignificance of human life here on earth, most Christians believe that by giving to the pastor, by giving to the church, they are really acting in accordance with the divine will, forgetting that no one knows the divine will for sure.

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The uselessness of Christmas

In this essay, I argue that Christmas has become a useless social fad which should be allowed to die out because it has progressively degenerated into a period for indulging and celebrating the grossest attributes of the human species – greed, avarice, licentious living, debauchery and spiritual self-abnegation.

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ASUU’s strikes and the day after (4)

ASUU should focus more on emolument at the entry point into the profession, rather than concentrating too much attention on professorial salaries. In as much as there are good reasons for drawing attention to the inadequate wages of the highest academic rank in the system, I believe it is even more crucial to call attention to the paltry salaries paid to graduate assistants and assistant lecturers at the starting point of the academic career.

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ASUU’s strikes, the day after

AT the national secretariat of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), one can access documents detailing the history of the union’s activities, particularly with regard to its attempts through strike actions to compel unwilling governments to enhance the welfare packages of lecturers and improve the funding for university education.

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The Amanze Obi phenomenon

‘THE Amanze Obi phenomenon is not an attempt at myth-making or at praise-singing, but a realistic effort to present an otherwise misunderstood personality, Amanze Obi.” This was how my friend, William Amanze Obi, and I used to rhapsodise about an article I was supposed to write on him more than 20 years ago.

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The second resurrection of Jesus Ibn Maryam: A Critical Examination (2)

As genuine revolutionaries, they wanted to topple the status quo, but had to contend with stiff opposition from the small minority that were benefiting from the existing situation at the time, as well as from the ignorant majority who were oppressed by the system. The author examined the condition of Africa. He argued, and I agree, that the continent has suffered the greatest setbacks when compared with other continents (p.79).

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The second resurrection of Jesus Ibn Maryam: A Critical Examination

THE Second Resurrection of Jesus Ibn Maryam: The Blowing of Another Natural Mystic Trumpet, was written by Issoumaila Oyewumi Oyetunde and published by Trafford Publishing, Canada in 2009. The little book is an attempt to present in a handy volume some ideas and perspectives on man and his environment culled from different religions, philosophies and science.

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