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ASUU’s strikes as a game of musical chairs (6)

As a body comprising academics, ASUU should provide intellectual leadership for other unions to follow, not the other way round. Uncritical acceptance of the hard-line posture of a union in the complex and controversial issue of strike is anathema to the spirit of free thought which academics ought to uphold, although the critical attitude native to philosophy is inconvenient for hard core unionists in ASUU.

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ASUU’s strikes as a game of musical chairs (3)

I STRONGLY suspect that the former would be higher, since the “pigs” have the financial power to pay tuition fees and other “incidentals” required for university education in foreign institutions. Because top government officials benefit from the skewed emolument system in Nigeria , they do not really appreciate the daunting sacrifices lowly paid Nigerians, including lecturers make daily to keep things going.

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