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How to spend N800m in one week

Bonuses and Allowances – This is a no-go area. In fact you may have to pay this money in advance for players to know how serious you are. If, for whatever reason, things are not going too well at half time, it is from this budget that members of the PTF are expected to draw from when they run into the dressing room to increase the bonus from $10,000 to $20,000 each.

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AIT Football Awards

This was followed by a confirmation by AIT’s Aisha Falode. I thought this was credible given the calibre of people behind the award, the personalities I was to serve with, but most importantly, the concept which was quite refreshing coming from a private sector player that is constantly seeking ways of affirming its good corporate citizenship.

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Who is our U-17 Captain?

“Needless to tell you that Nigeria is not here. Although we are automatic qualifiers for the World Cup as host, this is a competition that has become our birthright in Africa only for coach Alphonsus Dike and his hapless squad to get us knocked out by Benin.

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Of South Africa and Egypt…

By Paul Bassey I followed the Confederation Cup with keen interest. I wonder who did not. The rights acquired by the Broadcasting  Organisation of Nigeria (BON) further brought the cup nearer to Nigerians and with it, the attendant excitement. The Confederation Cup was also expected to be a dress rehearsal for the FIFA World Cup
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Story…. Story… Stooory ……

Since we are so helpless, I need time to go back to my village and consult, ask for that Dele Giwa type scenario where the gods of the land decreed that whosoever killed the ace journalist will run out onto the streets, naked. I want to consult and get assurance that if Akwa United two seasons ago and Zamfara now did fix their matches, soon, very soon, let them come out confessing. I will wait for that to happen.

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