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End of gas flaring?

Babangida is talking a lot more about gas flaring these days as he did as Head of State, but he paid his own lip service and Abacha, in spite of his battles with Niger Delta Environmentalists, paid lip service to ending gas flaring.
Obasanjo in his turn, set deadlines, and so has Yar’Adua, who has more or less been neutral to virtually every issue bogging the nation.

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War Crimes: Playing and Blaming

The handlers of Information Minister Professor Akunyili, it appears, have steered her away from the “Good People, Great Nation” fixation. The result is that Dora has got back her groove, recognised her constituency and finally figured there is no dressing up the reputation of a country that is not pretty.

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Is it over?

It worked for some time, because of the cash factor. Its successor was a bit more thoughtful, being so quiet at the beginning and all of a sudden unleashing terror with one hand and once again offering cash with the other. It was only a matter of time before it all burst at the seams.

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Nigerians just want fuel

In an almost desperate bid to privatise all things privatisable and even those not privatisable, the Obasanjo administration’s advisers on privatisation and oil matters had come up with this very gullible theory of how selling licences for private refineries to be built will solve the twin problems of pricing and supply forever.

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Justice, not theories

The new leadership has moved to reduce the government’s role in the economy and to promote private sector investment and competition Oddly enough but not surprisingly, improvement to the country’s economy in recent years have been attributed to this rather than their Apartheid past.

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What happened to the banana peel?

FOR the legislative arm of our civil rule, the beginning was nothing less than troubled. It was a time when the first speaker, Ibrahim Salisu Buhari, also known as Imam, was found to have lied about his educational qualification in order to get into the House in the first place.

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