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Re-awakening of Kano, the North’s laboratory

“From relative obscurity, each generation discovers its mission; and fulfills or betrays it”. I have since 1979 always had these, or words to that effect ascribed to Frantz Fannon or was it Amilcar Cabral?, as a powerful motivation for any political activism I have been involved with. This phrase was drummed into our ears in the first set of Political Science 101 tutorials, at the “8pm to infinity” sessions of Late Dr. Bala Muhammad in 1979 at the Bayero University (BUK) Kano.

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Only justice, fairness will stop Fulani herdsmen, farmers clashes

My initial plan this morning was to chat on the national youth service corps (NYSC) scheme which has been around since 1973/’74. I was motivated to do so because my daughter, whose 3 months old baby boy, Jabir is much too tender for the hustle and bustle of camp life, has been posted to the middle belt state of Plateau as part of the batch meant for camp on Tuesday 16th January. 

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