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Why not Biko Haram?

RECENTLY, a national newspaper quoted Raph Uwazurike as threatening that the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, may join forces with Boko Haram! And I say why not? Better still, why not Biko Haram which in Igbo could be translated to mean “Please Leave Me”? Biko Haram could insist that they do not want English or Christian names! If the Federal Government negotiates with Boko Haram, it could also negotiate with Biko Haram! If amnesty, monetary compensations and overseas trainings eventually come to Boko Haram, Uwazurike’s Biko Haram could also fall in line for same.

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As I was saying!

ON 7 June 2011, I got a call, actually a query, from the editor of Vanguard. “Chief”, he fired, “why haven’t you reported for duty?” He carefully did not add “since you were sacked from Owerri!” That was polite of him.

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