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The colour of my skin

The Amnesty International complained that although the law had banned slavery in Mauritania by 1981: “Not only has the government denied the existence of slavery and failed to respond to cases brought to its attention, it has hampered the activities of organisations which are working on the issue, including refusing to grant them official recognition”.

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Square pegs in round holes

Whenever I sit down with these beleaguered fellow travellers to discuss our respective predicaments, we wind up agreeing that we’ll probably have more joyful and prosperous existences if we pack our bags and take off to an overseas haven in which people who aren’t hard-edged or shrewd can thrive.

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Are women truly their own worst enemies?

Women really need to understand that there will be no women’s power in this world until women get over trying to outdo one another in spite. In the meantime, men can sit back and relax because their power is not going anywhere. I have had issues dealing with other females from the time I was a kid.

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Is it over?

It worked for some time, because of the cash factor. Its successor was a bit more thoughtful, being so quiet at the beginning and all of a sudden unleashing terror with one hand and once again offering cash with the other. It was only a matter of time before it all burst at the seams.

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