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The human experience: Voices and sounds

Anytime you find yourself interrupting some one by saying things like “ I know just how you feel” or “ me too; something similar happened to me!” you are being self absorbed. The wisest people in the world are attentive when you talk to them, they look at you, and they are not playing a movie in their minds about similar situations, or even imagining themselves in the exact same situation.

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A man, his mission; a nation of headlines; a slap in the face; Ogufere, my friend

It is not yet up to a year since I began to feel differently. I believe I have written about that change here. It is not anything as earth-shaking as St. Paul’s conversion. It was simply a growing awareness of an inward uplifting – that is the only way I can describe it; an internal effervescence that fills you with a gripping desire to ascend to a plane of higher thoughts and nobler deeds.

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2011, there is real cause to worry

Democracy? That’s a long way off. What we have on ground is a quarter kilometre to one-party dictatorship. We say we are a Federal Republic of Nigeria, but there is nothing federal about the system which has mutated within half a century from a federation to a military-style unitary dictatorship.

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WITHOUT having the opportunity of reading the full details of the proposed Bill, my comments would be limited to the address of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Dr. Rilwanu Lukman – an experienced oil technocrat. Having served in oil affairs in different administrations, one might be tempted to believe that the oil ‘oracle’ knows what he is talking about on the proposed Bill, which has now become very controversial. From the Minister’s masterly address, inference could be easily drawn on the mindset of the Federal Government.

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Eze Nd’Igbo is Hausa culture

The eze ndi Igbo institution has not solved the problem it set out to do. Rather, it has become a source of further division as anybody who has the means and supporters can announce himself as one in any city. And this is causing irritation among the owners of the land where these “foreign”, artificial monarchs are engaged in chieftaincy tussles. Some are afraid that some day, these upstart “traditional rulers” might start laying claim to things to which they are not entitled, as experience has shown.

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End of gas flaring?

Babangida is talking a lot more about gas flaring these days as he did as Head of State, but he paid his own lip service and Abacha, in spite of his battles with Niger Delta Environmentalists, paid lip service to ending gas flaring.
Obasanjo in his turn, set deadlines, and so has Yar’Adua, who has more or less been neutral to virtually every issue bogging the nation.

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