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Chidi Amuta, Ojo Maduekwe and the PDP leadership (3)

Chidi Amuta has already appraised the Opposition and founded it wanting. He has concluded that “Among the contending parties that are not in power, a consensus on strategy is far as outer space. Blinded by narrow endangered herd mentality, the personal interests and myopic ambitions of their principals, each party that has control of one state or two clutches to its little miserable corner of the political crumb like a life vest.

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AIT Football Awards

This was followed by a confirmation by AIT’s Aisha Falode. I thought this was credible given the calibre of people behind the award, the personalities I was to serve with, but most importantly, the concept which was quite refreshing coming from a private sector player that is constantly seeking ways of affirming its good corporate citizenship.

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Nigeria’s Debt Creation Office! (2)

The answers to these issues of increasing debt service cost against declining total debt value are not satisfactorily answered by DMO’s explanation of the dynamic nature of loan disbursement. National Assembly is requested to take a closer look at the relevance and effectiveness of the involvement of Debt Management Office in further debt creation for our country

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She came to scold us

There were at least some attempts made by the Americans to seem to work with Nigerian officials to make the visit hitch-free. Clinton’s visit left behind a lot of ruffled feathers. Even the media were not spared, as she did not even bother to wave the press corps goodbye, let alone stop briefly for a perfunctory chat.

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Summing up!

Hi readers! It was nice to be pursued once more, but frankly, I don’t see myself falling for Alfred or any other man for many years, or even forever! To me, no man can ever measure up to late dear Vic. He was in a class of his own – so refined and a complete gentleman. Even if he had lived up to two hundred years, he would still appeal to me. Strong words, yes? But true! It was his mind and character, you see.

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ASUU’s strikes as a game of musical chairs (3)

I STRONGLY suspect that the former would be higher, since the “pigs” have the financial power to pay tuition fees and other “incidentals” required for university education in foreign institutions. Because top government officials benefit from the skewed emolument system in Nigeria , they do not really appreciate the daunting sacrifices lowly paid Nigerians, including lecturers make daily to keep things going.

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What the lizard said

THE lizard may have grown up amidst ungrateful people when he said that if no one would praise him for the feat of jumping from a high iroko tree and not dying, he would shake his head in self praise. So, when we see the lizard nodding its head in self praise, we look around for a tree it has jumped from or some other feat that needed songs of praise.

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