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The human experience: Voices and sounds

THE five senses are the instruments for navigation through our foray in life. They guide us in different ways but they work best when all are at our disposable. In cases where some are missing; in the case of the blind, the vision is compromised but the sense of hearing steps in to become extra sensitive and be a tour guide very effectively.

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The new face of Imo is all on the billboards

I WAS home to Imo State this past May to bury my father who died on May 3 at the Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia and was buried on June 6, 2009 in his home at Mbaise. Just as an aside, I wish to thank all those who through their messages, gifts, prayers and presence supported and stood by my family throughout the period of the funeral rites.

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The power of the media

IF you needed proof of how powerful the media is, it was right there for you to see for yourself when last week Thursday, August 20, the media came out in full force to make a statement, a statement of fact that without the media, what they show those who read them in print and listen to them on radio and watch them on television, no democracy anywhere in the world can work. Oh yes, it was a great and memorable outing.

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Waiting for the malodorous one

You wonder how professionally run banks could have so severely hamstrung themselves to a degree that turned around to make them, the creditors, eventually insolvent. An expert characterized most of the loans as being mismatched – that is, they were long-term propositions in a situation of short-term investments.

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