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on the smoldering keg

It could not really be that President Yar’Adua genuinely hopes for a return to the former local government structure of the State, which bestows the Federal Government with no tangible profit at all, or is in anyway detrimental to the Nigerian project.

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Boko Haram: What a madness?

Whether it was the government or the Islamic insurgents who struck first is irrelevant; what should bother any right thinking Nigerian is that in spite of foreknowledge of the anti-social activities of the Taliban and the Boko Haram group, security forces in the country could not monitor and contain their activities before they became a deadly threat to the civilized existence we are all trying to live.

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Should we Rebrand or MEND Nigeria?

You are probably cursing being born into this nation_space called Nigeria; a land where truth is turned on its head and even ministers of justice are at the forefront of promoting wholesale injustice with impunity…a land of the institutionalization of the twin evils of corruption and violence, even in the supposedly hallowed courts where God is worshipped, as we are daily reminded in the north’s regular orgies of religious violence.

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Talking to the enemy

Israel feels uncomfortable about America’s moves in world politics, especially in the Middle East. This has prompted Obama’s declaration that the bond between America and Israel is unbreakable. Gates has also assured Israel of continued American financial and technical assistance, adding that US will ensure that Israel has the most advanced weapons to defend itself.

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N8.2bn: What President Yar’Adua owes me

Gimba recorded Yar’Adua first failure in sports. Failure number two; up till date, nobody has uttered a word to the footballers who won silver and the five girls who won bronze – the 4x100m relay team lead by Damola Osayome and Blessing Okagbore who won our first medal from the Long Jump, interestingly the same event that gave us our first ever gold in Atlanta through Chioma Ajunwa.

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The future can be bright

I sometimes succumb to emotional cowardice; and I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell Dr. Lukman – a distinguished father figure and former OPEC boss with whom I’d had a warm relationship for several years – that my decision to absent myself from OGIC was also partly motivated by professional frustrations and political concerns.

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Why not start again?

NIGERIA’S birthday is the year 1914 after the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Provinces by the British imperial administrator, Lord Luggard. The intention was to facilitate easy rule of the country by Britain. In fact, the easy administration of the two countries was through native authorities led by the Emirs in the North, Obas in the West and in the absence of Emirs or Obas in the East, by “Warrant Chiefs”.

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Obama’s Accra declaration and aspects of new US African Policy (2)

The US can replicate the rain forest, the Savannah, the Sahel and the desert. The US educational system is rich and varied , with the capability of providing educational or training experiences responsive to virtually any Third World development need.’’ — Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Donald Easum on The US As A Partner In African Development, to USA Africa, Vol.2, No28, November, 1987.

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