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Who is our U-17 Captain?

“Needless to tell you that Nigeria is not here. Although we are automatic qualifiers for the World Cup as host, this is a competition that has become our birthright in Africa only for coach Alphonsus Dike and his hapless squad to get us knocked out by Benin.

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N-Delta battles sectional arrogance

When people from the Niger Delta and other Nigerians raised their voices in protest, government sources were quoted by Vanguard of Thursday, July 23, 2009 as saying: “Those who do not want the project to be sited in the North should have a rethink because there is absolutely nothing they can do to change government’s decision”.

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Aunt Adeline mis-match

Hi readers! Even though I hadn’t shown any emotions when my aunt Adeline said that I needed to marry, and fast, I was amused. There she was, thinking that there was something amiss in my life because I’m not married, and there was her daughter, Bess, who would like to leave her alcoholic husband, but can’t! Of the two of us, who’s better off? I think I am. I’m living my life the way I want to and I’m satisfied with it.

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The human experience: Our stories

There are also people who tell so many lies about their life that they eventually become a source of ridicule but my attitude has always been to believe anything I am told as long as it does not directly affect me adversely; I don’t have the energy to start sorting out stories that are at best irrelevant. I however get concerned that people often get left behind by other people’s expectations and live out a story that is not their own.

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A salad bowl of intellectual garbage (7)

Humanity is still intimidated by fears it inherited from prehistoric humans, as well as fears that are products of the technological advancement of civilization, including the fear of nuclear annihilation. Collective fear engenders herd instinct, and tends to encourage aggressively towards strangers. As I suggested a moment ago, fear stimulates cruel impulses, and hence promotes superstitious beliefs which appear to justify cruelty.

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Omafume onoge was an organic intellectual

We shall all certainly pay our debts with death, and in good time too. Onoge was 70 years. I would personally have thought that he lived beyond his mathematical years. I was a student in Jos in the years that Omafume Onoge held sway as the titan of the intellectual left in that city and in that university.

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