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Choices we have to make

MADAM, madam,” cried a persistent voice as I was making my purchases in a market recently. I turned and couldn’t quite place the owner of the voice who was now grinning amiably at me. “Good morning,” I greeted cautiously, trying to recall the young man’s face.

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China in Africa

IN 1890, the French statesman Jules Francois Camille Ferry wrote, “an irresistible movement is bearing the great nations of Europe towards the conquest of fresh territories. It is like a huge steeplechase into the unknown…whole continents are being annexed…especially the huge black continent so full of fierce mysteries and vague hopes.”

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Bode George: I thought I knew you

First, I was alarmed when Bode went into politics and joined the PDP and quickly became part of Obasanjo’s inner caucus. I was alarmed because as Leo Tolstoy, 1828-1910, had warned us, “If you work with glue, sooner or later you are going to get stuck.” (Vanguard Book of Quotations, p.76). I knew that a PDP under the leadership of Obasanjo was going to be a cesspool of corruption – the sort to be avoided by decent people.

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The dilemma of a coin

THE coin in issue is Nigeria. A coin is said to have two sides, a head and a tail. The head does not and cannot make the coin; nor can the tail. We then usually say two sides of the same coin, meaning the head side and the tail side. I saw the Nigerian coin at work on October 23.

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No friends in Afghanistan

THE only group that seems clear about what it is doing in Afganistan today is the Taliban. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) waits on the United States (US) which is itself confused, while the puppet Hamid Karzai regime, caught rigging elections, faces credibility problems and a run-off on November 7, 2009.

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No cheers for Mr. President?

By Donu Kogbara LAST week, I expressed the opinion that President Yar’Adua deserves  two hearty cheers…One “for possessing the humility and foresight to meet with Niger Deltan militant leaders and offer them an Amnesty deal in a bid to secure peace in a region that was becoming increasingly uncontrollable.” And the second “for recognising the
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