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The colour of my skin

The Amnesty International complained that although the law had banned slavery in Mauritania by 1981: “Not only has the government denied the existence of slavery and failed to respond to cases brought to its attention, it has hampered the activities of organisations which are working on the issue, including refusing to grant them official recognition”.

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Zelaya’s Cross

Secondly, pretences that there was no coup cannot hold water. There is no evidence to prove that his removal by soldiers was a directive of the Supreme Court as no known order existed. This claim was made only after the coup. So in all probability, the so called order allegedly signed by a Supreme Court judge was an after-thought, a back-dated document.

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General Oluleye’s legacy

After the first wave of the mass purge, Obasanjo sent out a memo on October 14, 1975 ordering the compilation of more names of Public Servants to be retired. Oluleye as Minister of Establishment picked up courage to confront his bosses and in the process put his career on line and his life in danger.

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Varsities: Dialogue as casualty

The Federal Ministry of Education in an invitation sent by Mrs. A.E. Aiyedun of the Department of Tertiary Education told ASUU: “At the instance of the Honourable Minister of Education, I am directed to inform you of the signing of the agreement arising from the FGN/University based Unions (negotiations)…”.

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Rescuing Israel from its leaders

By Owei Lakemfa THE on-going disagreements between Israel and its principal backer, the United States seem a trifle. The Palestinians are squeezed mainly into two small settlements;  the Gaza Strip and the West Bank .  Yet Israel continues to nibble parts of the West Bank by building settlements. America’s request delivered by Secretary of State,
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To be led by the blind

His second qualification is that he served as a commissioner under late Chief Bola Ige in the old Oyo State. But being a graduate was not a prerequisite for that appointment. In fact one of his colleagues in the cabinet, Busari Adelakun “Eruobodo” might not even have completed his primary school education.

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