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Old wines, new bottles

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. – Plato

Far from me stating the obvious, the writing has been glaringly on the wall and so it came as no surprise. The mutineers have finally taken a decisive turn. So rather than walk the plank, the renegades seven jumped the ship in a spectacular fashion.

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We are the village….

Not too long ago, we acted as a collective, where we acted as one and believed in the mutuality of the collective. After all, African coined the adage that;” it takes a village to raise a child”. So, where is this village, the collective when some of our vulnerable are suffering in silence and we turn our face and ignore their sufferings? How can we pretend to be religious and pious and yet perpetuate this heinous crime?

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It is not over until this lady sings…..

Someone once asked the American actor, Will Smith the best advice his father ever gave him, he said that he told him that everything in moderation, that he could not drive more than one car at a time.

How I wish Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi had such advice, she might have not have got herself in this mess, evading questions from the senate and the people.

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Religion, politics and sectarian double dealing

They say that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. In Nigeria, it seems that the blind is leading the blind and they do so willingly and that is more the pity.

They seem to go towards the precipice without questioning the true intentions of the leader. The piped piper plays on and like the mice of Hamlin they follow doggedly leaping from one disaster to the next without a flicker of reflection or conscience.

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The land of sublime lunacy and ridiculous contradictions

I don’t know about you,but Nigeria is in a perpetual state of ignominy. We honour and fete the corrupt and the criminals, and then we punish the hard working and good people in Nigeria. Ever wonder why people think it does not pay to be good in Nigeria and why people think we all at it? Any wonder why it does not pay to be good at the same time we profess that we are godly and yet we serve ourselves and not others.

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What makes a good citizen?

Couple of days ago, the national television station held its yearly national programme, called the PRIDE OF BRITAIN. Here the cream of human kindness at its best were showcased where the ordinary people up and down the country do the most incredible act of heroics to complete strangers, loved ones and colleagues. They were awarded for their selflessness and acts of bravery in the face of adversities.

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Education is the key

My father often tells my siblings and I, that “education is not an inheritance, any one can’t take away from you once you have it, “. I agree, but the sad reality is that in Nigeria the young are deliberately and systematically denied the opportunity to have an education. So between the poor leadership, to corrupt officials, Boko Haram insurgency, the abject poverty and the ASUU strike, the young are in dire situation.

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