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World Cup: Between Kano and Abuja!

It’s all part of the game. I remember the names they called Ibrahim Galadima when Nigeria failed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. I remember the humiliation he went through. I also remember how Christian Chukwu was still on his way back to Enugu when he was disengaged without a letter till date. Angola had come to Kano to earn a draw and that ended our dream to the World Cup from a group that appeared to be a piece of cake to all eyes.

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N8.2bn: What President Yar’Adua owes me

Gimba recorded Yar’Adua first failure in sports. Failure number two; up till date, nobody has uttered a word to the footballers who won silver and the five girls who won bronze – the 4x100m relay team lead by Damola Osayome and Blessing Okagbore who won our first medal from the Long Jump, interestingly the same event that gave us our first ever gold in Atlanta through Chioma Ajunwa.

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Who is a thief now?

Just as millions wallow in penury, we hear of billions been stolen, we hear of scandals – Siemens, Halliburton, failed banks etc. For the common man it is “when I turn here, the rain falls on me, I turn there, the sun shines on me … I can only go beyond and forget,” as the poet mourned a grave situation, so hopeless that only death could end his own sorrow too.

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Attention Ndanusa:This man did not cry when his father died but did when Nigeria was beaten

I would rather campaign for our own than personally promoting them unless such promotions are intended to make our people learn. But it must, therefore be in proper perspective. I may not impress many who chant foreign clubs, fight for them, engage in all sorts of showmanship but have no link with these clubs. Many of them are just noise makers and not real fans of the clubs they claim to adore.

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