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Embarrassing our Vice President!

My senior colleague Paul Bassey has written on this twice. Sani Toro, a one time FA scribe has commented on it and even quoted Article 22 of the CAF Statutes that clearly states how a vacant position in CAF Executive can be filled.
It amazes me how those who should educate the people are misleading them.

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Who should coach Eagles?

I was not moved when we crashed out of the World Cup. I never expected wonders from the team. I had prepared my mind for the worst. I saw disaster coming but I never knew it was going to be that bad – that a team would lose two matches and still had a chance to qualify if they won one against a country like South Korea and still failed!

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My Birthday challenge

I am worried that growth of football will be the only victim. Finally, has President Goodluck entered into a plea bargain with the characters who squandered the goodwill of Nigerians? Has he accepted the apology and inadvertently dragged us as usual to several steps backwards?

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Thank you, Mr. President

Edwin Eze, a senior colleague had sent this text: “Dagama, that was a masterpiece. If we had listened to our analysts in picking local coaches like Siasia, Keshi and Okpala before the World Cup, the tragedy of Lars Lagerback would have been avoided.”

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The way out, Mr. President

That reminded me that the government could also mobilise to vote the FA out and still reorganise our football without hurting the game. I strongly believe that President Jonathan was not well advised and those who thumbed up his action acted on the spur of the moment which was understandable. But I know that the President means well and can re-address this issue with time. After all, this government once withdrew from the hosting of the last World Under 17n Soccer Championship after bidding and winning the hosting right.

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