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Pat Utomi’s ‘kill of us cry’

Pat Utomi and I go a long way. Back to the middle eighties when I was the Vanguard Editor and he was one of our trusted resource persons. We relied on him for a lot of things, especially when it had to do with business and politics. If you needed an article like yesterday, (the life of an Editor) Pat was your man. And he usually delivered.

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I also knew Major Akinyemi:a tribute

I have tried as much as possible to read all the tributes in honour of Major Akinloye Akinyemi that I could find in the hope that some of the questions in my head would be answered. Questions relating primarily to his premature retirement from his beloved profession, and questions relating to his second incarceration by the same military.

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Blowing in the wind

Two close friends of mine who are senior members of the ruling PDP, got caught in the face-off between Arik Airline and the FAAN last weekend. One, a Senator in the last dispensation, spent the entire day at the airport in an ordeal that started a day earlier when he had to queue up for over an hour to purchase an airline ticket, only to be told some two hours later, that the flight had been cancelled.

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