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The human experience: Our stories

There are also people who tell so many lies about their life that they eventually become a source of ridicule but my attitude has always been to believe anything I am told as long as it does not directly affect me adversely; I don’t have the energy to start sorting out stories that are at best irrelevant. I however get concerned that people often get left behind by other people’s expectations and live out a story that is not their own.

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On a lighter note

I WOKE up to the ear piercing scream of a petrified actress and my 20 minute doze on a local flight from the nation’s capital back to Lagos was severed rather abruptly. Before I could get my bearing and fully wake up, my stomach churned as it seemed to drop in that sickening manner that feels like your intestines are falling out when a rollercoaster takes what seems like a death plunge towards the ground at break neck speed.

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Cracked wide open (2)

And yes, that’s why we are collectively forgetful, I took a poll of people in their twenties and they were no better than me and my absent minded friends! The realisation started a quest in me for meaning, for more and this time not more things but more stillness, more peace.

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