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Their road, not our road

The nation’s major sea port of Apapa and Tin Can Island are critically endangered.
This new danger does not arise as a result of militants’ action, but due to lack of constructive reasoning, planning and execution of sensitive projects, necessary for Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports to function effectively.

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Can Amnesty stop militants?

At least, MEND is saying, ‘give us the kind of development that you have in Abuja and we would be satisfied’.
In response to this, the government is creating institutions like the Niger Delta Development Corporation (NDDC) through which to channel this development in the Niger Delta. On top of that, it has created a ministry for the region which at best is a bureaucracy.

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The Justice Belgore’s tips on constitution

One of the most tragic crises we have on our hands today is the bloody uprising in the Niger Delta. Justice Belgore made it also clear to everybody who is not driven by selfish and inordinate lust for power that the 1999 constitution is responsible for the Niger Delta crisis because it did not address the issue as the 1960 independent constitution did.

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What’s it about June 12?

It’s almost a month since we celebrated June 12 as the watershed in Nigeria quest for democracy.
But beyond the shore of Nigeria, June 12 is beginning to have a similar significance for democracy especially in Iran and Turkey. June 12, 1993 was the day we celebrate the victory of a free and fair election in Nigeria as much as we mourn the tragedy of the abortion of that free and fair election.

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