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Happy spouse day

Tomorrow, January 26, is Spouse day. Spouse day is a day set aside to celebrate and honour our spouses. It is a day we should not only tell our spouses we appreciate them, but show them we do. If there is one major complaint married people have against their spouses, it is being taken for granted and unappreciated by spouses. Spouse day offers us the opportunity to prove to our spouses that we treasure them.

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Dating and courtship (1)

As we begin a new year I want us to take a look at how to choose spouses. Dating can be described as a form of courtship and may include social activities undertaken by two persons (male and female) with the aim of assessing the suitability of spouse for marriage while courtship is that traditional period before engagement and wedding when couples date to know each other and take a decision ahead of marriage. It is therefore a very critical period. Let us look at areas and issues we should focus on during courtship.

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The skeleton of marriage

In the course of my encounters with some young adults preparing for marriage, I am often amazed at their prioritization. So much emphasis is placed on wedding apparels, venue and decorations, food and drinks, gifts, etc. to the detriment of fundamentals like prayers, learning how to be a good spouse, contemplating on parenthood, and the vows they are about to take.

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My most memorable Christmas

The Christmas season is special though it means different things to different people. My interests as a growing little boy were to eat rice and chicken, wear new clothes and move around town. Now my interests are in the importance of the commemoration and lessons I can draw from it: One, God the Father’s unparalleled and unassailable selfless and unconditional love.

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