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Safe sex: who is responsible

Wherever and whenever a woman is not satisfied or could not climax, both of them – the woman and the man concerned should share the blame. I believe it is a woman’s God given right to enjoy sex (in which her body participates). But who would she blame if she inhibits herself? It is the woman most of the time that holds the key to her orgasm and not the man.

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Below the belt(5)

He confessed that Shade was quite familiar with some members of his family since she lives in Kano where his parents are and visits the family house when he goes home. Henry and I are both from Imo state. He told me that they could not decide for him whom to marry and I should keep my mind off it since he is the one to decide.

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Below the belt(4)

He said he had been happy because its been having positive effects on him. My heart started to beat faster than normal. I thought he was going to propose to me. I wouldn’t have been surprised since we virtually live in each other homes. Then he told me “she has come”.

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Below the belt(2)

I believe the picture is very clear, colourrful and bright for Nkechi, only she is being too sentimental about things. Or what do you think? Remember to share your views on Nkechi’s situation with us as you respond.

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Below the belt

That night, we all had to share the giant bed as there were no beds in the spare rooms. More so, the sitting room too only had single chairs. I couldn’t get much sleep until the early hours of the morning. But just as I was drifting off, I was woken up by the sound of soft moaning.

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