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First time out: (4)

Nnamdi, (48), Artiste, contracted STD on his first time out. But was he deterred? Find out below as he tells his story:
My first experience as a young man was with a prostitute. Though at the time, I didn’t know that she was one. As a young chap, I was a trouble shooting, talkative and daring guy in thick lens glasses. I had a lot of wild friends too and was very smooth with the ladies.

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First time out: (3)

It was when he got up for the next guy to take his turn that they discovered the bed was covered in blood! Shit! One of them screamed. She is a virgin, cried another; as if they were rehearsing a script. Frantically, they pulled me up and one of them threw me a towel while another went about packing the bed sheets from the bed.

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First time out: (2) My dad’s secretary taught me real sex

As I grew up, I just wanted to discover what made them different from guys. Whenever I see a lady, I was always fascinated by that “thing” growing in front of her chest, why she swayed her hips and bum in a particular manner, and why her things were different from the other girl’s things. You know, I just wanted to experiment with them and I enjoyed it.

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Are women truly their own worst enemies?

Women really need to understand that there will be no women’s power in this world until women get over trying to outdo one another in spite. In the meantime, men can sit back and relax because their power is not going anywhere. I have had issues dealing with other females from the time I was a kid.

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Safe sex: who is responsible (5)

Tell yourselves the truth. Does a friend who sleeps with her friend’s husband not know that the same man will sleep with his wife later? Or does a sister who is in an affair with her sister’s husband not know that he sleeps with his wife? Any man who takes a woman to bed, will surely take another, and another. So, why is she doing it?

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