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When two Elephants fight

Hi, Ever imagined  what the ground would look like should two Elephants fight as a saying goes? Not very pretty I think. Then, take this other scenario. Imagine what would happen when things fall apart between two very close women who once did almost everything together. Worse than the joint efforts of two elephants I
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Bearing the red flag (3)

Ade, (29), Accountant: “I can’t remember clearly if the pains started immediately after I began menstruating or not. But if it didn’t, it couldn’t have been much longer. I began menstruating at the age of 14 years, a bit late because many of my age mates had started before then. Whenever the thing came, I would be so ill that going to school used to be a great problem.

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Bearing the red flag (2)

When I started, I usually feel pains on the first day. But after the first day the pain subsides and then its just the flow. I used to think that all my blood will dry up with time if care was not taken because of the heaviness of my flow. So, I used to take blood tonic. But over the years, the flow has reduced. I guess it has found a pattern.

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Bearing the red flag

I started menstruation at the age of 10. When I started, I felt strange because I thought I’d injured my self. But I could not recall how. I was so scared that I couldn’t tell my mum about it. Before it happened, I had no prior information about it, so that really made me scared all the more. It was my aunty that saw me and now told my mum about it.

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First time out: (11)

Have you ever tried to think back, capture the first time you had sex? What was it like, was it as imagined? When did you first have sex? Why did you do it? With whom and are you still with the person? Given a second chance, will you do the same thing? Together with Onozure Dania, we talked to respondents and bring you their responses below.

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