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Why Saudi at this time, sir?

And I must say very strongly as a senior Nigerian here in the UN Secretariat that there was a greatly missed opportunity that our head of state was not advised properly to come to this assembly…Nigeria missed an opportunity to really register its own views on the world, register its credentials as an African leader.

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Open letter to Yar’Adua on MDGs

Nigeria needs N24 tn to meet MDG target in 2015. Nigeria needs to spend N24trn in the next six years to realize the Millennium Development Goals target by 2015. —Senior Special Adviser Assistant to the Presdient on MDGs, Mrs Fatima Ibrahim, disclosed this to journalists after presenting the second and third quarter reports to President Umaru Yar’Adua in Abuja on Thursday… An average annual requirement of N4trn till 2015 is needed in order to reach the MDGs.

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Soludo: If abroad, stay there

The second group “discovered” that I am a tribalist for not endorsing the re-appointment of Soludo and for welcoming Sanusi. Today, as we all start understanding how the banking sector had been thrown into a turmoil in the last four years, and feeling the lash, it will not matter if you are Igbo, Efik, Birom, Yoruba, or Nupe, you will be involved in this calamity.

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Rebranding of Akunyili and Ohakim

From information reaching us, she is at daggers drawn with her Minister of State. She joined the “Honourable” Minister of Education to dance the night away while all Nigerian universities closed down and now she is proposing to spend N8.2 billion to retool where less than N6 billion will do to purchase “tear rubber” equipment. Madam has suddenly become the spokeswoman for people of questionable characters.

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