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After Yar’Adua: Who Comes Next?

“Men of ordinary physique and discretion cannot be Presidents and live, if the strains be not somehow relieved. We shall be obliged always to be picking our chief magistrates [presidents] from among wise and prudent athletes – a small class”.
President Woodrow Wilson, Constitutional Government in the United States, New York: Columbia University Press, 1908, pp 79-80.

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Open letter to Mrs. Jonathan

There are at least three reasons Jonathan will not be on the ballot in 2010; and if he forces himself on it disaster will follow. One reason, and one reason only, dictates this letter to Mrs Jonathan. She can ignore it if she likes. But, at least half a dozen people (Mustapha, Ekwueme, Obasanjo, El-Rufai, Ribadu, Soludo etc ) who were warned on this page and who ignored the warning are now licking their wounds –including her predecessor in office. I don’t want her to join them in “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. The choice however is hers.

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Lukman: Time to go sir

To be quite candid, not being a lawyer and after reading what various lawyers have said about the senate action, I don’t really know. This is one of those matters on which the majority might not even be right. What has been done is certainly expedient but whether it is constitutional or not will eventually be determined by the courts because there is little doubt in my mind that the action will be challenged. Yar’Adua is to blame.

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From President to problem now(4)

Indeed what went wrong, as the text message asked? Interestingly, that text message represents perhaps the mildest form of dishonour attaching to the person of Yar’Adua that I have heard people voice across the land since the man and his wife departed to Saudi 69 days ago today Sunday, January 31, 2010. Many of the other insults that have been hauled in the direction of the presidency are totally unprintable.

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