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APC Ndigbo in Lagos scores Sanwo-Olu high on performance

2023: El Rufai and the hope for Igbo President

Just as I was getting prepared for a stiff opposition to the idea an Igbo President in 2023, part support came from an unexpected source. Until I read that statement in the VANGUARD newspapers nobody could have convinced me that Governor El-Rufai would not be one of the strongest stumbling blocks to what some people have already started telling me was an exercise in futility. Everywhere I have gone and opened my mouth to advocate for an Igbo President, people have given me two reasons it is a pipe dream. Even when they acknowledge that my previous venture into political advocacy was a success against all known odds, they are also very quick to point out that Lagos is not Nigeria. What worked in Lagos cannot be presumed to be a good template for pan-Nigeria advocacy. Let me quickly admit that there is some validity in the criticism. And, the fact stated scares me as we move forward. But, where courage is required for the success of an enterprise, I take solace in the words of the late American actor John Wayne, who, in one of his many cowboy films, said: “Courage is being scared to death but going forward anyway.” This crusade calls for a great deal of conviction and tenacity.

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Law against overloading: Oyo govt begins enforcement on commercial motorists, cyclists

Riders beware!

By Denrele Animasaun There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance — Socrates The last couple of days, the move to ban Okada and Marwa off the main roads in the city of Lagos has created so much anguish for the Lagos commuters. It has divided the people. Some are relieved that the
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Two tributes in one – Ajibola and Attah

For me, this is already a happy year. Most newspapers now have annual awards for various individuals for different reasons. I have been opposed to the idea when it first started. To some extent, I am still very much in doubt regarding whether we are doing the right thing. Mainly, I object because the criteria, just like those of the National Awards, are not often clear. Individuals with absolutely atrocious or questionable records of achievement have been honoured. Governors are the most notorious in this regard. Some of the ex-governors who made the list in the past are now in jail for embezzling public funds. Easily debunked ‘Unusual Transformation’ in a particular state has not stopped a propagandist from receiving encomiums as a great achiever. Certainly, annual awards have been abused and the history of Nigeria distorted. We have given honour to several who are not due.

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Buhari, CUPP

Must one be called Abubakar or Mohammed to get appointed by Buhari?

Fowler for those who might not know is from Lagos State and he was replaced by an Abubakar not from Lagos State. From the statement credited to Garba Shehu, who was just a loudspeaker and not one of the “we” who removedFowler, one would assume that Fowler was given definite revenue generation targets for each year in office which he failed to achieve.

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