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Spirit Of Keshi

STEPHEN Okechukwu Keshi requires little introduction. I suppose the authorities of Nigerian football need to know him, if they were serious about the things they should do. If not for few hitches that attended his efforts in Togo, he would have taken Togo to the 2006 World Cup as the coach. He qualified Togo for the World Cup then the troubles followed.

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Re-jigging NOC After Jigawa

By Ikeddy Isiguzo THOSE in the group dubbed Elders of the Nigeria Olympic Committee deserve commendation for stopping the proposed NOC elections from holding in Dutse, Jigawa State last Wednesday. Fears that the elections would have finally buried the NOC were real. The titanic contest between the Minister of Sports/Chairman of the National Sports Commission,
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Messing Up Things

WE excel in different areas. Crises excite us, we seem not to be able to do without them. Unlike in other places where crises lead to some peace when they are resolved, here, we make all the noise, get attention, relapse to inexplicable placidity only to wait for doom.

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