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Can Nigeria achieve a corrupt-free public service like Singapore?

The probe going on at the nation’s House of Representatives is both interesting and funny. Interesting in the sense that it is bringing out startling revelations about the massive corruption in the downstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry; funny for the fact that those presiding over the probe are themselves guilty of the same offence they are investigating.

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Is petrol private or public good?

The current debate on the profligacy of public office holders, size and cost of governance in Nigeria is interesting and very healthy for the economy. The argument itself gives credence to the need to ensure that government performs only those duties that are of public interest. What should be the right size of government has been a long drawn debate.

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The Road To Reducing Unemployment

President Goodluck Jonathan last week lamented the growing unemployment situation in the country stating that it may lead to some social unrest in the near future. The President said: “As I said in my Budget Presentation speech late last year, unemployment among our youth is one of our biggest challenges as a nation.

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