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Nigeria: The dream and reality of Vision 20:2020 dreamers

There is an economic dreamer out there. His name is Goldman Sachs. In 2004, he dreamt that Nigeria will emerge one of the 20 largest economies of the world in 2025. Another dreamer, Olusegun Obasanjo, then President of Nigeria, though, he did not dream this time around, said 2025 was too long, he said his own dream was 20:2020. So Nigerians were forced to accept the dream in the name of Vision 20:2020.

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CBN, no to exemptions and upward review of cash limit

Just when Nigerians were beginning to embrace the reality of cash-less Nigeria, the Central Bank threw yet another spanner in the wheel of progress of the entire policy. The Bankers’ Committee and the CBN had told Nigerians that from their research findings, about 10 per cent of those who own accounts in banks in the country withdraw more than N150, 000 at a time.

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Revised 2012-2014 revenue/ expenditure framework: Tough and harder times ahead

The Federal Government’s revised medium term revenue and expenditure strategy before the National Assembly does not appear to have any hope for the ordinary Nigerian. Rather, it is a routine of the usual. Emphasis in the document is still very much on high recurrent expenditure. Little is left for investment in projects that can grow the economy and create jobs.

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Wipe your crocodile tears, Arewa and Northern Governors

Northern governors under the aegis of the Nigerian Northern Governors Forum last week unveiled the Northern agenda which is now being seen by discerning minds as the smoke screen for the activities of Boko Haram in recent time. It is fast becoming a trend that any section of the Nigerian society that needs to extract some favour from the federation does so by means of arms, violence or intimidation.

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